"That's part of the reason why I wanted somebody from outside of the system who wasn't invested in the status quo," she said.

Vaillancourt specifically commended the superintendent's five-year strategic plan, Vision 2018: Fulfilling the Promise of Preparation.

"I would like to see us being true to those values and those goals," she said.

Vaillancourt also stressed the need for additional world language instruction at the elementary school level. She said she is optimistic about the new elementary school model initiative, which introduces world language to students.

"From what little I know about it, I'm optimistic; I hope it goes well," she said.

Vaillancourt has been critical of school administration for not providing the board of education with more information on the model schools initiative before unveiling it at a press conference May 15.

She also defended herself at the board of education's May 2 meeting, when the board voted 6-2 to approve a resolution accusing her of twice breaching the confidentiality of closed sessions within the past year. She and Brian Meshkin voted against it.

In a statement afterward, Vaillancourt called the allegations "nasty politics" 45 days before the primary election.

"My colleagues know that I have not violated any actual rules, and would likely be moving to have me removed if I had, which makes this public effort to use the assumed credibility of the Board of Education to attempt to defame me, a candidate for the Board of Education, 45 days before the election, an abuse of their office of the worse kind," she said.

After the meeting, Vaillancourt said she had been left out of email communication regarding one ethics panel case, which led her to contact the panel directly for documents relating to the case.

This is part of a series of profiles of Howard County School Board candidates.