Police identify officers who fatally shot Ellicott City man

Two Howard County police officers who fatally shot an Ellicott City man they said charged at them with a knife last Saturday were identified by the department Tuesday. Howard police also identified the man who was shot.

Russel DiAngelo, 25, a four-year veteran, and Susannah Raff, 22, a one-year veteran, fired their weapons in the incident. Both were placed on administrative leave while the department investigates the shooting, which is standard procedure. They are patrol officers assigned to the Northern District.

Hernan Milton Ossorio, 61, of the 5000 block of Montgomery Road in Ellicott City, was identified as the man shot by police.

Police said they were called to his home at 6:30 a.m. on Aug. 23 after someone called 911 and said "someone with a knife was going to kill everyone in the house," according to police.

Police said when the officers arrived they tried to Taser Ossorio, but were not successful. Police said Ossorio charged at the officers with a knife and refused to drop it after repeated orders to do so.

Both officers fired their weapons, according to police. 

Police said two large knives were found at the scene. Family members told police Ossorio was suicidial. One family member who was home at the time of the incident was not injured, police said. 

The shooting was the second in a week for the department. On Aug. 20, a man police said was also suicidal was shot by two officers after he charged at them with a knife in his Ellicott City home, according to police.

Police said officers arrived at the scene and found the man stabbing himself before he threatened them when they tried to intervene. 

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