Scourge of Howard County: 'unknown harmful effects' [Letter]

In the Aug 6 issue, I see that, thanks to our County Council, government buildings now have vending machines that only serve certified healthy snacks. A bit later in the same issue I see that the Council has voted unanimously to prohibit vaping in public places.

Regarding the latter, it was reported that Councilman Weinstein introduced the bill because he was "concerned that smoke from e-cigarettes might have unknown harmful effects."

I for one am certainly glad to be living in a county with a government that leaves no stone unturned in looking for harm that might befall me, whether that harm be real or imagined, known or unknown, and is willing to use legislation to insure that any such threats are prohibited.

When I wake in the morning and think about all the possible "unknown harmful effects" that could impact me once I step out of the bed, I am tempted to simply continue lying there — but then I reflect on studies that have shown the harmful effects of remaining in a prone position for too long. What am I to do?

Please, County Council, keep the laws coming so I can face the world, at least in Howard County, knowing that I need make no decisions other than obey the law and I will be healthy and unharmed.

John Petro


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