Stephanie Asher

Glenelg senior Stephanie Asher led the county with 36 goals this fall on her way to being named the Player of the Year. (Staff photo by Jen Rynda / December 4, 2013)

As Stephanie Asher sees it, she was just doing her job.

The 36 goals she scored this year — and the 101 in her career — are the result of doing what she's supposed to do.

"My job on the field is to score goals," said the Columbia Flier/Howard County Times field hockey Player of the Year. "So it shouldn't be anything special that I scored a lot because that was what I'm supposed to do."

Asher, a left wing, is only the second Howard County player to record more than 100 goals in her career and she is quick to credit her teammates.

Glenelg's offense frequently started in the midfield with a free hit or an aerial throw from Morgan Philie. Frequently, that ball was hauled in by Asher or fellow forward Megan Taylor.

The trio has played together since they were little, so a nod of the head or a quick glance was all that was needed to convey where to send a pass.

Taylor and Asher were a great 1-2 scoring punch and they are so familiar with each other's style of play that they don't have to look up to know where the other one is. Through passes, a give-and-go, interchanges — they all came as second nature.

"Megan and I work so well together," said Asher. "All I had to say was 'post' and she'd send the ball there. I feel bad getting credit for all the goals because she does all the dirty work."

But getting in position at the goal post doesn't automatically translate into a goal.

The natural instinct is to swing at the ball as it crosses the mouth of the goal; Asher calls that "a rookie mistake."

"The ball is coming in fast enough that all you have to do is block and redirect it," she said.

"Steph is probably one of the most prolific scorer I've ever had besides Alyssa Parker," said Glenelg coach Ginger Kincaid.

Not coincidentally, Parker, a 2012 Glenelg graduate, is the only other county player to have 100 career goals. She had 114 goals and 108 assists.

Asher said she picked up some tips from being on the same team as Parker.

"I always envied that she was so good at dodging. I tried to bring that to my game in order to get the ball downfield."

Club play and indoor field hockey helped refine Asher's game and her dodging skills.

Left wing isn't her preferred position because she also likes to play defense, but she says she has grown to like the position.

In the scheme of Glenelg's game plan, Asher still got a taste of defense. She and Taylor alternated as flier on the Gladiators' defensive corner unit.

"I've been flying since I started playing field hockey," Asher said. "It's a fun position."

Asher has had a hockey stick in her hands since she was three years old. Her mother, Gina, was junior varsity coach at River Hill and Steph tagged along to practices and games.