"He played a pivotal role in my development as a player," said Glenelg senior Emily Russo.

She first met Beall at the Glenelg Booster Camps. "I remember always looking up to him as a coach and I can remember that I just couldn't wait to play for him."

Circumstances prevented this year's varsity basketball team from reaching its full potential. Sam Heisig, an all-county first-team performer, tore her ACL during the AAU season and did not return to the team until January. Russo, the county Player of the Year as a junior, tore her ACL in early December and was out for the remainder of the season.

Still, Glenelg went 10-13.

"Even with a losing record, I thought (assistant coach) Dave Ebbe and I did a phenomenal job with the kids that we had. I thought they worked harder as a whole group than last year's team, which was phenomenal."

Ebbe is also resigning.

Beall is uncertain about his status as volleyball coach.

"I have really mixed emotions about volleyball," he said. "This is their senior year and they were a special group of freshmen."

Coaching takes a depth of commitment that few people realize. Successful teams need to do something year round, including summer leagues and fall ball, and that organization generally falls on the coach.

"People don't have a clue what I have had to sacrifice (to coach). How much I was committed to making this work because of working six days a week (at Giant Foods in Montgomery County)."

Beall was up at 4 a.m. to be at work by 5. The early shift allowed him to be at Glenelg in time for practices and games.

There were times, though, when in order to meet his team's playing schedule, he had to take vacation or sick days.

He even missed a surprise 30th anniversary party because he was coaching a JV team in a holiday tournament.

But Beall has no regrets.

"I feel good about all of the good I have done for the school and the community and, above all the kids I coached." Beall said. "I'm really proud to have had the opportunity to coach at Glenelg, It is a highlight of my life."