Chapelgate loses, 13-8, to Indian Creek in girls lacrosse

In its first year in the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland, Indian Creek is making a name for itself. Twice this season the Eagles, which only have one conference loss, have defeated Chapelgate, the defending C Conference champion.

The most recent victory came Tuesday as Indian Creek won, 13-8.

It was a disappointing outing for Chapelgate, which was finishing up a stretch of eight games in 10 days and which was also without midfielder Emma Rufolo, who was sick.

“This is not the same team as last year,” said Chapelgate coach Colleen Norton. “We have a lot of new players and a lot of new seniors. We also have a lot of watchers. They want to watch and see what the more experienced players do.”

Watching doesn’t help move the ball up and down the field, however.

Rufolo’s absence hurt in the midfield transition, but Jen Yahiro and Christina VanWingerden were able to get the ball to Chapelgate’s offensive end and be effective. Yahiro had four goals and VanWingerden added three.

The breakdown came on the defensive end, particularly in the second half as Indian Creek pulled away from a 4-2 halftime advantage.

“Our defense just lost its composure,” Norton said. Adding that her players just got into their own heads that they couldn’t compete with the Eagles.

“We ended up playing catch-up in stead of maintaining” our scoring, Norton said.

The Indian Creek trio of  Abby O’Neil (five goals), Kianna Dawson (three) and Margo White (three) helped their team keep out in front.

“Our work around the 8 (meter  mark) is really good,” O’Neill said. “My team gives me really good feeds and they cut really woo so it helps me get assists.” The freshman had four assists on the afternoon.

Indian Creek 13, Chapelgate 8

Goals: IC – Abby O’Neil 6, Kianna Dawson 3, Margo White 3, Andrea McBride. CCA – Jen Yahiro 4, Christina VanWingerden 3, Katelyn Kerr.

Assists: IC – Abby O’Neil 4, Kacee Helms, Ali King, Ashley Leverett. CCA –Stephanie Dumas.

Saves: IC – Delaney Kerns 5. CCA – Emily Roberts 11, Kaitlyn Wetzel 1.

Halftime: Indian Creek, 4-2.

Other scores:

Marriotts Ridge 21, Long Reach 1

Goals: MR – Taylor Hensh 5, Zoe Stukenberg 3, Maggie Brooks 3, Jenna Kerr 2, Alexis Zadjura 2, Emma Stukenberg 2, Olivia Geiger, Mariah Plano, Maddie Courtney, Lexi Souder. LR – Imani Sanders.

Assists: MR – Zoe Stukenberg 3, Lexi Souder 3, Olivia Geiger 2, Marissa Davey 2, Katie Berdy 2, Emma Stukenberg 2, Taylor Hensh. LR – none.

Saves: MR – Rachel Ortell 5. LR – Jessica Bates 5.

Halftime: Marriotts Ridge, 14-0. 

Atholton 17, Wilde Lake 8

Goals: A – Kaelin Shaw 5, Rachel Day 3, Jenna Brewer 3, Ellie Matthews 2, Kaileann Shepherd, Chloe Berman, Kelly McQuilkin, Staci Powell. WL – Grayson Corbett 6, Kate Glaros 2.

Assists: A – Ellie Matthews 3, Kaileann Shepherd, Jenna Brewer, Rachel Day, Staci Powell. WL – none.

Saves: A -  Alex Charity 10. WL – Lauren Hutchison 4, Eolandae Brown 8.

Halftime: Atholton, 7-3.

Reservoir 15, Oakland Mills 11

Goals: Re –Anna Janush 5, Leah Monroe 4, Alexis Bartley 3, Lilly Hermina 2, Maddie McGrath.  OM – Marlee Slaughter 4,  Jania Suryn 2, Jordan Kerr 2, Sarah Farrall 2, Rachel Hunter.

Assists: Re – not available. OM – Marlee Slaughter

Saves: Re – Brianna Weinman 5. OM – Kelsey Lamothe 10.

River Hill 22, Centennial 12

Goals: RH – Kelly Maloney 6, Abigail Thielemann 5, Julie Collins 4, Emily Hamburger 4, Jenna Collins 4, Kendall Thielemann, Paige Lorton. C – Martha Hutzell 5, Alicia Hsieh 3, Olivia Canby 2, Dani Wilson, Grace Gavlin.

Assists: RH – Jenna Collins 3, Emily Hamburger 2, Kelly Maloney 2, Abigail Thielemann, Kendall Stull, Paige Lorton. C – Grace Paterson 2, Alicia Hsieh, Devin McIntyre, Megan Oliver.

Saves: RH – Stephanie Paxson 3. C – Maddie Albornoz 2, Anna Cosentino 2.

Glenelg 19, Hammond 3

Goals: G – Rachel Lee 3, Grace Perry 3, Maribeth Blonchek 3, Stephanie Asher 2, Kendall Lutts 2, Tagne Vandewall 2, Julia Salandra, Alia May, Sarah Kapinos, Haley Pettit. Ha – Michelle Sparling, Nicki Gardes, Brigid Mangan.

Assists: G – Hannah Doughty 3, Haley Pettit 2, Rachel Lee 2, Tagne Vandewall, Stephanie Asher. Ha – none.

Saves: G – Megan Taylor 1, Katelin Johnson 2. Ha – Tina Asare.

Halftime: Glenelg, 14-0.

Mt. Hebron 15, Howard 9

Goals: MH – Jen Giles 5, Haley Sutton 4, Sam Brookhart 3, Jamie Schwartz 2, Jordan Stevens. Ho –Katie Schluederberg 3, Maddie Regal 2, Kristen Woolschlagher 2, Abbey Groft, Catherine Sims.

Assists: MH -  Jamie Schwartz 4, Sam Brookhart, Jen Giles. Ho – Katie Schluederberg, Maddie Regal, Charlotte Wilkinson.

Saves: MH – Maddy Fisher 11. Ho – Lauren Ferraro 13.

Halftime: Mt. Hebron 9-2

Park 14, Glenelg Country School 6


Standings (as of April 23)

Marriotts Ridge, 8-0 county, 10-0 overall

Mt. Hebron, 8-0, 10-1

Glenelg, 6-2, 8-3

River Hill, 6-2, 8-3

Howard, 5-2, 7-3

Atholton, 5-4, 8-4

Centennial, 3-5, 3-6

Reservoir, 2-6, 3-8

Long Reach, 2-7, 2-7

Wilde Lake, 1-5, 2-6

Hammond, 1-6, 1-7

Oakland Mills, 0-8, 0-8

Glenelg Country, 3-8 IAAM B, 3-8

Chapelgate, 8-4 IAAM C, 9-4

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