30-second timeout with Kevyn Ann Jorgenson, Glenelg Country girls lacrosse

Senior defender Kevyn Ann Jorenson has been playing lacrosse for a little over four years. She started with Cobra lacrosse, then played for M&D and finally Rebels lacrosse.

After graduating from Glenelg Country School, she will attend St. Mary’s Honors College of Maryland this fall. She plans to major in economics.

Kevyn Ann was recruited to play field hockey for St. Mary’s but she is also planning to walk on for lacrosse as well.

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TV show I can’t miss

I have watched every episode of Law and Order: SVU along with the show, Bones. I love murder/crime mystery! I also like Shark Tank because one day I hope to start my own business.

Favorite movie:

Favorite movie is really anything funny. Our lacrosse team always quotes "Bridesmaids" after watching it at a team sleepover, so that would have to be my favorite.

Best personal sports moment:

My sophomore year of high school, my sister was a senior and was the captain of the lacrosse team like I am now. I remember there was a minute left in the second half and we were tied. My sister did the draw and I was on the circle and I got the ball off the draw and ran the ball down and I remember I passed to her thinking she would shoot but she passed it back even though I was defense and she was attack. I caught the ball and scored. (My sister's name is Brittney Jorgenson and she plays for Franklin & Marshall's lacrosse team.)

Hobbies you have that would surprise people:

I am very serious about photography and hope to maybe do wedding photography as a side job after college. Also, up until my sophomore year of high school I was very serious about ski racing. I learned to ski at the age of two, and then started competitively ski racing at six years old.

Top pro athlete role model:

Lindsey Vonn 

Hardest class you’ve ever taken:

The hardest class I've ever taken is most definitely AP MacroEconomics.

Favorite Pump-up song:

"Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus. This is because my sophomore on the field hockey team, this was our pump up song on the bus and before the game. That year we won the championship and everyone remembers that song as the "Championship Song"

What’s your favorite meal:

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. I almost always have this the night before games.

How do you chill out when you’re not in school or playing a game:

Over the summer, I love to go swimming and even during the winter I swim in an indoor pool for fun. I like to go on long runs and when sometimes go on walks and take pictures with my camera.

If you weren’t playing lacrosse, what sport would you play:

If I were not playing lacrosse, I would probably join the track team for the spring. I have always wanted to learn how to do hurdles but I figured I was not coordinated enough. 

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