8-UG: 1. E. Scherock, FH; 2. A. Huelskamp, FH; 3. S. Sating, FH. 8-UB: 1. R. Callahan, WM; 2. Z. Phillips, FH; 3. C. Brown, FH. 9-10G: 1. M. Kuehl, FH; 2. M. Kressen, FH; 3. S. Cooper, WM. 9-10B: 1. G. Polinsky, WM; 2. R. Shobert, FH; 3. C. Martineau, FH. 11-12G: 1. Z. Golden, FH; 2. M. Cronin, WM; 3. S. Schulze, FH. 11-12B: 1. C. Hockersmith, FH; 2. R. Draminski, FH; 3. P. Krol, WM. 13-14G: 1. A. Parisi, FH; 2. M. Baldy, FH; 3. C. Bosenberg, WM. 13-14B: 1. M. Brady, FH; 2. T. Packard, FH; 3. T. Wilson, FH. 15-18G: 1. E. Hunter, FH; 2. A. Bracken, WM; 3. S. Sachs, FH. 15-18B: 1. J. Arbaugh, FH; 2. D. Bracken, WM; 3. P. Krol, WM.

Freestyle Relay

6-UM: 1. FH (E. Bush, C. Fritz, C. Westlake, R. Herdson). 7-8M: 1. FH (W. Brown, H. Harrison, A. Bellamy, E. Scherock). 9-10G: 1. FH (S. Hornor, M. Draminski, L. Gustafson, C. Manos). 9-10B: 1. WM (A. Radford, C. Harman, J. Mathias, L. Shropshire). 11-12G: 1. FH (E. Meredith, C. Pilcher, J. Abell, L. Littlefield). 11-12B: 1. FH (K. Shane, J. Kressen, T. Arbaugh, D. Gostomski). 13-14G: 1. FH (A. Parisi, M. Baldy, K. Albert, T. Lanchart). 13-14B: 1. FH (J. Cole, T. Packard, C. Bennett, T. Wilson). 15-18M: 1. WM (M. Caulfield, C. McKissick, M. Miller, P. Meek).

PrinceMont Swim League

Divisional C Meet (July 20)

On Saturday, 40 of the Roger Carter Seals headed to Bowie for the Prince-Mont Divisional C swim meet. The team swam against the BelAir Swim and Racquet, Fort Washington, Kings Landing, West Arundel and West Laurel swim teams. Swimmers who placed first in the final heat move on to the All Stars Meet, which will be held at the WhiteHall Pool and Tennis Club in Bowie, MD on July 27. The Seals swam hard and placed first overall at Divisionals with a final team score of 273. Adding this to their 5-0 season record, the Seals were able to end the summer in first place overall in Division C.

The following Seals qualified at the Divisional meet for All Stars by placing first in their heat: Shannon Hochkeppel - girls 13-14 50 breast, back and 100 IM; Maria Liu - girls 8-U 25 free and breast and Jeffrey Tse - boys 15-18 50 breast, 50 back and 100 IM. The mixed 8-U 100 Meter Free relay of Nathan Zhong, Sophia Xu, Maria Lui and Xavier Cook and the boys 9-18 200 Free Relay team of Kenneth Mo, Alan Wang, Justin Wang and Kevin Hu also qualified by placing first. Other Seal swimmers may qualify to go to the All Stars meet by having top times in their stroke across the entire league.

Roger Carter Finishers:

Medley Relays

18-UB: 2. C. Lo, J. Tse, W. Kirchner, K. Hu. 18-UG: 6. K. Phamdo, C. Liu, K. Joseph, C. Wong.

Individual Medley

12-UB: 2. A. Wang; 8. A. Zhao. 12-UG: 8. C. Doan; 10. N. Meister. 13-14B: 2. J. Wang; 5. D. Phamdo. 13-14G: 1. S. Hochkeppel, 1:14.06; 5. C. Wong. 15-18B: 1. J. Tse, 1:03.00; 2. W. Kirchner. 15-18G: 8. K. Wang; 9. K. Phamdo.


8-UB: 2. X. Cook; 3. N. Zhong. 8-UG: 1. M. Liu, 18.78; 10. M. Phillips. 9-10B: 4. K. Mo; 9. E. Doan. 9-10G: 5. E. Xu; 6. J. Choo. 11-12B: 2. A. Wang; 8. T. Hochkeppel. 11-12G: 2. M. Smith; 7. E. Nesslage. 13-14B: 4. J. Wang; 7. T. Phamdo. 13-14G: 4. C. Wong; 10. C. Liu. 15-18B: 2. K. Hu; 5. V. Choo. 15-18G: 8. K. Wang.


8-UB: 2. X. Cook; 3. M. Zhang. 8-UG: 3. M. Liu; 6. S. Xu. 9-10B: 3. K. Mo; 7. E. Doan. 9-10G: 4. E. Xu; 9. M. Konkalmatt. 11-12B: 2. A. Zhao; 3. T. Hochkeppel. 11-12G: 7. K. Smith. 13-14B: 2. A. Li; 3. D. Phamdo. 13-14G: 1. S. Hochkeppel, 33.41. 15-18B: 1. J. Tse, 28.45; 5. C. Lo. 15-18G: 5. K. Phamdo.


10-UB: 2. K. Mo; 9. N. Zhong. 10-UG: 4. E. Xu; 8. J. Choo. 11-12B: 3. A. Wang; 8. A. Wu. 11-12G: 3. M. Smith; 9. E. Nesslage. 13-14B: 2. J. Wang; 5. D. Phamdo. 13-14G: 4. C. Wong. 15-18B: 2. W. Kirchner; 5. K. Hu. 15-18G: 9. K. Joseph; 10. K. Phamdo.


8-UB: 5. T. Lee. 8-UG: 1. M. Liu, 25.59; 5. S. Xu. 9-10B: 5. E. Tucker; 9. B. Luu. 9-10G: 4. J. Choo; 7. C. Doan. 11-12B: 3. T. Hochkeppel; 4. A. Wu. 11-12G: 2. M. Smith; 6. L. Zhao. 13-14B: 3. A. Li; 4. M. Cai. 13-14G: 1. S. Hochkeppel, 40.69; 7. C. Liu. 15-18B: 1. J. Tse, 32.28; 3. W. Kirchner. 15-18G: 5. K. Joseph; 11. K. Wang.

Free Relays

8-UM: 1. N. Zhong, S. Xu, M. Liu, X. Cook, 1:19.40. 9-18B: 1. K. Mo; A. Wang; J. Wang; K. Hu, 2:03.16. 9-18G: 2. E. Xu, M. Smith, S. Hochkeppel, K. Joseph.