County snow clearing is commendable -- for cars [Letter]

Howard County does a great job clearing the streets after snowfall. Within days, all roads in the county are passable again, and people go about their business as usual.

Since last November I've resolved to live without a car for a year. I walk or bike, and during the recent cold spell, I've taken public transport. The latter can be hazardous to your health. In many places, the snow has been plowed toward the curbs, making bus stops very dangerous places. Passengers, including the elderly, or parents with small children, have to climb on, over or through a nasty pile of snow, ice or sludge.

On Jan. 31, the weather was nice enough for a walk, so I walked to Long Gate Shopping Center. In several places, even on sidewalks at Ellicott Mills Middle School and the YMCA, there are huge banks of the same dangerous and dirty stuff to climb over. Snow melt during the day will make these sidewalks positively lethal after sundown.

I commend the county's Public Works department for doing an excellent job making streets safe for car traffic. Could you please do the same for those who walk, bike, or use public transport?

Nicoline Smits

Ellicott City

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