While it's a large time commitment to make, students say their colleagues and Driskill's leadership make it all worth it.

"He [Driskill] treats us as students, but also peers and it's great to see that as a performer," said Bobby Henneberg, a recent graduate of Centennial High School.

Driskill, a graduate of River Hill High School who went on to participate in the improv troupe at Howard Community College, often jumps into rehearsals with students to perform alongside them. In addition to coaching the All County Improv, Driskill works with the Howard Community College theatre department.

Although students started out not knowing each other 10 months ago, one word students commonly use to describe the troupe is family.

"As the year goes on you get to be a family. It's really nice being a part of something and being accepted," said Matt Neil, a junior at Glenelg High School.

Another aspect of the program students rave about is the support that they receive from each other and how everyone is trying to make each other look better while performing.

"That's the point of improv, you're not trying to make yourself look good, you're trying to make your scene partner look good," said Nick Carson, a 2014 Reservoir High School graduate.

Through improv, students learn how to think on their feet quickly and improve their social skills, which allow them to be better in groups and in interviews, Livingston said.

Patrick Mikulis, who recently was elected as the Student Member of the Howard County Board of Education, agreed with Livingston.

"I wouldn't be where I am today in student government without ACI," he said.