Highest paid county employees

Howard County's elected officials make less than some of the county's top-level employees. Often, that's because these appointees have spent many years working their way up in the county system. Some positions, such as the information and technology chief, command top dollar because of competition for candidates from the business world.

Here are some of the highest paid county workers, and how the county executive and council members compare, based on 2013 data from the Maryland Association of Counties:

• Director of information and technology: $195,790

• Administrative officer: $184,496

• Director of Public Works: $182,083

• Police chief: $171,538

County executive: $163,482

• County solicitor: $159,557

• Director of Planning and Zoning: $148,283

• Budget director: $148,283

• Director of Citizen Services: $135,616

County Council (part-time): $54,600

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