Clemens Crossing students collect 550 books to donate

To prepare for the seventh annual Battle of the Books, fifth-grade students in Howard County had to read 15 books for the competition

But students at Clemens Crossing Elementary School in Columbia took their preparation a step further, with the aim of sharing their love of reading with hundreds more students, with hundreds more books.

Clemens Crossing students, who made up 12 teams at the event on Friday, April 4, spent the past few weeks gathering 550 books and 200 magazines in a collection drive. The books will go to Head Start programs in Columbia, and to Baltimore City schools.

"We had the idea of encouraging the kids to share books with others, and to share this great opportunity they have through the Battle of the Books," said Lisa Hawkins-Eidson, a Clemens Crossing parent who helped coordinate the book drive, headed up by the team, Book Bandits

The Battle of the Books was held at five high schools, and the Clemens Crossing teams were at Mt. Hebron. Several Clemens teams took home prizes. POTUS Peeps, took second place for best team name, Marvelous Minion Gang took third for best team spirit, Minions Love Books took first place overall and Elemental Readers took third.

Hawkins-Eidson said the students and parents want to see the collection drive expand to other elementary schools for next year's Battle of the Books.

"It's a neat paring for what the kids have to do for this event, and giving them a chance to do something for other people," Hawkins-Eidson said.

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