6-UG: 3. R. Hough. 7-8B: 2. L. Berry; 3. E. Whittaker. 9-10G: 3. M. Goodman. 9-10B: 1. M. Betzer; 2. S. Allmon; 3. I. Higgins. 13-14G: 1. M. Kemp. 15-18G: 2. J. Smith. 15-18B: 1. N. Bruns; 2. I. Bosley.


7-8B: 1. L. Berry; 2. D. Stolba. 9-10G: 1. C. Birckhead; 2. B. Allmon. 9-10B: 1. I. Higgins; 2. L. Welsh; 3. C. Bowser. 11-12G: 2. J. Meissner. 11-12B: 2. M. Thompson. 13-14G: 1. J. Berry. 13-14B: 2. C. Reese. 15-18G: 2. M. Bower. 15-18B: 1. I. Bosley; 2. W. Barrett.


7-8B: 1. D. Stolba; 3. E. Horwath. 9-10G: 1. C. Birckhead; 2. G. Meissner. 9-10B: 1. J. Fitzgibbon; 2. S. Allmon; 3. L. Welsh. 11-12G: 2. P. Allmon. 11-12B: 2. M. Thompson. 13-14G: 1. M. Kemp; 2. J. Berry. 13-14B: 2. R. Jones. 15-18G: 3. M. Bower. 15-18B: 1. M. Baldwin; 3. N. Bruns.

Free Relays

8-UM: 2. S. Jones, E. Horwath, B. Birckhead, J. Halper. 9-10G: 2. H. Hills, M. Stolba, A. Scheinberg, S. Vogts. 9-10B: 1. A. Hough, J. Berry, S. Allmon, L. Allmon. 11-12B: 2. B. Carney, A. Condor, B. Sultzer, Z. Sultzer. 13-14G: 2. K. Bower, C. McAulay, H. Rinehart, K. Swanhart. 13-14B: 2. C. Miller, A. Barrett, M. Bowser, E. Welsh. 15-18M: 2. M. Baldwin, J. Thompson, E. Swanhart, TJ Barlow.

PrinceMont Swim League

Roger Carter, 322; Kings Landing, 252

The Roger Carter Seals preserved their undefeated streak with a 322-252 win over the Kings Landing Lionfish of Huntingtown on July 13. The Seals have a 5-0 record this season and will take their top swimmers to the PrinceMont Divisional swim meet on July 20.

The Seals won 26 individual events including triple wins by Shannon Hochkeppel, Alan Wang and Emily Xu; double wins by Wynne Kirchner and Kathy Wang; and individual wins by Xavier Cook, Troy Hochkeppel, Katherine Joseph, Samantha Lewis, Thomas Lee, Andrew Li, Maria Liu, Kenneth Mo, Dillon Phamdo, Mia Smith, Charity Wong, Alex Wu and Nathan Zhong.

The Seals started the meet with a win in the girls 18&U medley relay by Shannon Hochkeppel, Charrine Liu, Katherine Joseph and Charity Wong in 2:36.00. They ended the meet with wins in all three free relays. The 8&U mixed 100-meter free relay team of Nathan Zhong, Rachel Zhao, Maria Liu and Xavier Cook won in 1:26.56. The boys 9-18 200-meter free relay team of Kenneth Mo, Alan Wang, Trueman Phamdo and Vincent Choo won in 2:13. 56. And the girls 9-18 200-meter free relay team of Emily Xu, Mia Smith, Samantha Lewis and Katherine Joseph won in 2:33.97.

Top Roger Carter finishers:

Medley Relays

18-UB: 2. A. Li, W. Kirchner, D. Phamdo, B. Grissom; 4. D. Li, H, Yang, T. Lewis, A. Wu. 18-UG: 1. S. Hochkeppel, C. Liu, K. Joseph, C. Wong, 2:36.00; 3. K. Phamdo, A. Guo, V. Keelan, T. Doan.

Individual Medley

12-UB: 1. A. Wang, 1:24.44; 2. A. Zhao. 12-UG: 2. J. Choo; 3. N. Meister; 8. E. Nesslage. 13-14B: 2. D. Phamdo; 4. T. Phamdo. 13-14G: 1. S. Hochkeppel, 1:18.50; 2. C. Wong; 3. S. Lewis. 15-18B: 1. W. Kirchner, 1:11.59; 7. S. Konkalmatt; 8. T. Lewis. 15-18G: 1. K. Wang, 1:28.62; 3. K. Phamdo.


8-UB: 1. N. Zhong, 19.37; 2. X. Cook; 4. M. Zhang. 8-UG: 2. M. Liu; 5. R. Zhao; 7. S. Xu. 9-10B: 2. K. Mo; 7. R. Yu; 8. J. Rivas. 9-10G: 1. E. Xu, 40.68; 2. J. Choo; 5. H. Johnson. 11-12B: 1. A. Wang, 33.31; 2. T. Hochkeppel; 3. A. Wu. 11-12G: 2. M. Smith; 4. E. Nesslage; 7. L. Zhao. 13-14B: 2. A. Li; 3. T. Phamdo; 6. D. Li. 13-14G: 1. S. Lewis, 34.90; 2. C. Wong; 3. C. Liu. 15-18B: 2. V. Choo; 5. T. Lewis. 15-18G: 1. K. Wang, 1:16.90; 5. V. Keelan; 6. J. Lim.