Bike Master Plan, bike director are great starts to safer biking [Letter]

I need to reply to Adam Sachs' cyclists letter on Dec. 26, 2013. I fully agree with Mr. Sachs' letter and his strong support for better/safer biking Maryland. He rides his bike [with bike trailer] around much of Howard County and Columbia and is disturbed that much of the HoCo roads are not safe [treacherous, his words] to ride his bike.

He asked bike folks to get more involved with the Howard County Transportation  Departments to get the Bike Master Plan passed and implemented. Mr. Sachs mentioned the for bike info, which is good, but better is the, which is the Bike Advocates of Howard County, BAHC, website to improve better/safer cycling in HoCo.

BAHC has been working for over five years to get the Bike Master Plan instituted and passed. We have testified at the Dec. 18, 2013, budget hearings to fund the Bike Master Plan and also a bike director to see the suggestions are  carried out.

We need bike Folks in HoCo to write/email their five council members to ask them to support the county's Bike Master Plan/bike director and also testify at the next county budget meeting on March 10, to let the County Executive Ken Ulman and the five council members know that we need better/safer biking in Howard County and the Bike Master Plan is a great start.

Bill Kelly, BAHC member

Ellicott City

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