Superintendent Foose, Police Chief Gardner take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Jon Sham

The viral ALS awareness Ice Bucket Challenge videos that have filled Facebook news feeds for the past week have made it out to Howard County.

If you haven’t seen these videos, they begin with participants mentioning names of their friends before pouring buckets of ice cold water on their heads, with the goal of raising money for ALS research.

On Thursday morning, Superintendent Renee Foose and the county’s new chief of police, Gary Gardner, accepted a challenge from two Hammond High students to help get the word out.

“We wanted to raise awareness, and we wanted to get the whole county involved,” said Hammond senior Brigid Mangan, one of the two who posed the challenge. “I guess the first thing to do was start with Dr. Foose.”

Before the ceremonial dousing, Foose joked on how her involvement in social media led to this event happening, and Gardner remembered a former colleague who had died of the disease.

“Social media and viral videos, I think that’s pretty effective,” said Hammond senior Olivia Kuykendall. “I know that, like, spilling buckets on people’s heads won’t cure ALS, but it is spreading awareness.”

And with Foose having challenged the Howard County school principals to participate, it would seem they’re on the right track.

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