Tornado confirmed in Woodbine on Monday

The National Weather Service Wednesday confirmed a tornado touched down in Woodbine Monday, June 10.

In a report issued a little before 5 p.m., June 12, the NWS said Monday's EF-0 tornado lasted from 6:59 to 7:01 p.m., with a maximum wind speed of 80 miles per hour and a maximum path width of 100 yards. It traveled a half-mile.

"Treetops were sheared along a path of forest just west of Woodbine Road (Route 94)," the report read. "The funnel lowered to the ground a short time later, causing large trees to be uprooted or snapped. Some of the trees were twisted."

The NWS said the tornado continued northwest across Route 94 and uprooted a traffic sign, which wound up wedged among trees in Dennis Davison's back yard in the 3200 block of Starting Gate Court, which intersects with Route 94.

The NWS said the tornado then went northeast and caused "significant damage to a two-car garage" that belonged to Davison.

"Debris from the garage was lofted into the air and displaced throughout the resident property and into neighboring properties."

The NWS said witnesses reported seeing the tornado lift near the intersection of Hayloft Court and Starting Gate Court. "Pockets of tree damage" were found farther east on Starting Gate Court and along Cabin Run, according to the report and "sporadic, minor tree damage" was found on Florence and Duval roads to the north and east of the main impact zone.

Davison and his son, Bill, witnessed the tornado, which destroyed a separate two-car garage and storage shed on their property. The Davisons said the tornado came within 25 feet of their home. Davison, his wife, Mary, son Bill and five dogs were home at the time of the tornado.


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