Andrews says he's back in race for Howard BOE

Corey Andrews is back in the race for Howard County Board of Education. 

In an email Tuesday night, Andrews announced that he would be "unsuspending" his campaign following a month in which he says he received "several hundred emails, phone calls, and even letters" asking him to reconsider his decision to withdraw from the race May 19.

"I am unsuspending my campaign with the intention of re-entering the race these next two weeks as a progressive, forward-thinking advocate to fight the corruption on the Howard County Board of Education. As I said before, Howard County deserves better. I want to help make it happen," he said in the email to community members, fellow candidates and media.

While his name was never removed from the ballot since he withdrew from the race past the deadline for that to happen, Andrews suspended his campaign nearly a month ago amid allegations of "political nonsense" and intiimidation of sitting Board members.

At the time, Andrews said he believed risking his personal reputation wasn't worth running for the board.

In his email Tuesday, he said his "concerns about that risk have not faded."

"But over the past few weeks, as I have learned more about the way Board members and other candidates operate, it has become apparent that we have only a few good choices. With teachers being neglected by the Superintendent and Board, our school system is going through dire times," he said. "Someone has to step up and right the wrongs. Someone with the knowledge and insight into the Board needs to be elected to make a change."

Andrews said recent correspondence came from parents, teachers, students, school system activists, school officials and even sitting board members.

This is Andrews second run for the Board.

As a senior at Howard High School in 2012, Andrews launched his first campaign for the Howard County Board of Education. He finished with the 13th most votes out of 15 candidates, failing to advance through the primary.

Andrews is one of 13 candidates vying for four open seats on the Board of Education. The primary is June 24, but early voting begins Thursday. Of the 13 candidates, the top eight vote-getters will advance to the general election. 

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