First wave of absentee ballots counted in Howard County

With the first canvass of absentee ballots counted in Howard County, the Board of Education race was still won by Janet Siddiqui, Ann De Lacy and Ellen Giles.

Including the first round of absentee ballots — which numbered more than 6,000, according to Guy Mickley, director of the Howard County Board of Elections — plus early voting and the votes cast on Election Day, Siddiqui has 66,700 votes, De Lacy has 50,307 and Giles has 49,753.

Siddiqui has served on the board since 2007; Giles has served since 2006. But this will be the first term for De Lacy, a former Howard County teacher and past president of the Howard County Education Association.

The order the other three candidates finished did not change as a result of the first absentee round: Bob Ballinger now has 46,217 votes, David Gertler has 45,250 and Jackie Scott has 43,089.

In the first round of absentee ballots, Siddiqui garnered the most votes with 2,694, and Giles recieved 45 more absentee votes than De Lacy, at 2,010.

Ballinger received the fewest absentee ballots, at 1,607, but remains in fourth place, ahead of Gertler, who received 1,812, and Scott, who received 1,726.

The Howard County Board of Elections must still tally provisional ballots, scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 14, and a second round of absentee ballots, on Friday, Nov. 16. Mickley said there were about 3,000 provisional ballots to count.

A final verification of the vote count, and a certification of the election, is exoected Friday, Nov. 16.

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