Elkridge woman named "Queen of Preakness" 75 years ago [History Matters]

100 Years Ago

Harry's hats

Times ad: "New Straw Hats 50 cents to $2.00, Harry A. Block, Laurel, MD."

75 Years Ago

Preakness Queen

Times ad: "Two Women — Pleasing personalities and average intelligence to engage in business. Remuneration about $20 a week. Phone Catonsville 919-R for appointment 374."

Times social notes: "Miss Margot Garrett of Washington, visited Miss Jadwiga Ledochowska at the Howard county home of Miss Ledochowska's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Warfield, over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Warfield also will have as their week-end guest Miguel Quirno-Lavalle, an attaché of the Argentine Embassy in Washington.

"Miss Marie O'Dea of Irvington, spent last week in Washington D.C. as delegate from the Baltimore Branch to the biennial convention of the National League of American Pen Women. Miss O'Dea received special mention before the convention for her article, 'Saint Patrick the Tactician,' which appeared in the March issue of The Sign magazine. She was recently re-elected corresponding secretary of the Baltimore Branch.

"Miss Augusta Poe, of Lawyer's Hill, Elkridge has been chosen queen of the Preakness at the annual ball held in conjunction with the running of the Preakness. Miss Poe is a debutante of two years and will have several princesses as attendants in addition to duchesses from the twenty three counties and a page, Miss Peggy Thom.

From the Oella column, "Oella, Joseph Lilley, Corres.

"A very important meeting of the Dickey Textile Band will be held next Monday night.

"Ted Bridner, left-fielder, of the Dickey A.C. received a painful eye injury when hit by a batted ball in last Sunday's game at Oella ball park.

"Dear Editor: We haven't much news. No one went away. They all went to the game.

"Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kraft, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pickett and Mr. and Mrs. John Nicolai, of Ellicott City, and Mr. and Mrs. James Hilton, Catonsville, and Mrs. Charles Lots, Irvington, motored to DuPont Gardens, in Delaware on Sunday."

50 Years Ago

Pun intended

A Times photo caption: "On Scout Board: Mrs. Wilton G. Waldschmidt, of Ellicott City, was re-elected to the board of directors of the Girl Scout Council of Central Maryland at the organization's first annual meeting (April 23). Her three year term will begin June 1.

"Mrs. Waldschmidt also was elevated to serve a one year term as a member of the Council's nominating committee from the board of directors.

"Charles Lotz, better known as 'Pun,' was re-appointed Constable for the Second and Third Districts. The commissioners also appointed Harold Harp for the fourth and fifth Districts and Charles Dupree as Constable for the First and Sixth Districts. Their terms expire May 1, 1964.

"Henley and Taylor Attend Maida Meeting: Walter Henley and Lloyd Taylor represented Howard County at a joint meeting of the Maryland Industrial Development Association and the Maryland Associations of Local Development agencies is the Legislative Council room at the State Capital last Wednesday."

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