HoCo Farm Bureau had a big 1924 planned [History Matters]

January 1965

Trouble with Saigon

From the Washington Notes section of the Times: "U.S. WARNS S. VIETNAM

The United States has warned South Vietnam's military leaders that continued U.S. support is based on existence of a Saigon government "free of improper interference." The warning had President Johnson's approval. It was issued after S. Vietnam's armed forces commander criticized U.S. objection to military domination of civilian government."

Later that year, President Lyndon Johnson committed 50,000 more troops to the conflict in Vietnam."

"Mt. Hebron Association Hears Tax Law Talk

"The January 4 meeting of the Mt. Hebron Improvement Association was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Bucci, 808 Furrow Avenue. Guest Speaker was Alfred Walpert of the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants, who gave an informative talk on the new Federal Income Tax Laws."

I hope they had plenty of coffee on hand for that riveting subject.

January 1924

Schools, yes; roads, maybe

"Committee To Meet in E. C. Saturday:

"Committee Appointed by President Warfield To Discuss Program of Work Will Meet in All Day Session: The Howard County Farm Bureau Local, according to the officers, is planning a big year's work for 1924. Already several important steps have been taken in this direction. But perhaps the biggest thing to do according to President Warfield, is the working out of a complete program of work. The County Agent Mr. Fairbanks, presented to the board of directors at their last meeting on January 8th an outline of some of the work that is to be taken up."

"Additional Bonds For School And Roads Discussed: At a joint meeting of the Bond Commission and the Board of Education held at the Court House last Tuesday, the question of bonding the county for the purpose of erecting schools in the second and third districts was discussed as well as additional bonds to be used for the completion of the present road building program.

"Senator Gambrill, who was present, stated that he is willing to introduce the bill to bond for school buildings, at Ellicott City and West Friendship, the need for both being apparent. When questioned concerning his attitude on the issuance of bonds to complete the road program, however, he said he would like to know the sentiment of the people of the County as to whether or not they want to bond for roads and that he does not care to take the initiative."

January 1890

Rough ride

"Hilton Happenings

"Hilton, Jan 8 — Mrs. R. Dorsey Rogers' driver Wednesday drove a pair of colts to Ellicott City; on the return trip a bolt was lost from the tongue of the vehicle, the horses took fright and ran away, throwing the driver out and smashing up the wagon. "

The list of Hilton Happenings continued without explanation of how the poor wagon driver fared.

"From Clarksville:

"Clarksville, Jan. 8 — By the fire near Clarksville last week which destroyed the barn of Mr. George E. Richardson, as stated in the Times, the following were the actual losses:

"George E. Richardson, barn, covered by insurance of $900, and colt and buggy valued at $300; Joseph Nanakee, 60 barrels of corn, buggy, harness and farming implements, estimated loss $300, no insurance; Benj. Kelly, 55 barrels of corn and other produce, estimated loss, $125, no insurance; Mrs. Henry Denmead, mare valued at $150, no insurance.

"Messrs. Samuel Cashell and Charles Richardson have been busy building the county wooden bridge over the branch of the middle Patuxent crossing the line of the Highland and Clarksville road near here."

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