New Savage Library a model of bioconservation

On July 22, at 12:30 p.m., the newly renovated Savage Branch Library is scheduled to open to the public. Complete with bioconservation principles and green technologies employed in the building and landscaping of the facility the library's structure itself is a learning opportunity for visitors.

In addition to the high standard of services provided by each library in the Howard County system, the Savage branch is a part of the HiTech initiative, which provides classes and training to students using the STEM education platform.

Students can expect the summer curriculum to include classes in 3D Design and Printing, Wearable Technology, Music Editing and Production, H2O + You = BioWorld Exploration, SciTech Civility: Using SciTech to Help Others and Green Energy.

I hope you will join the community in welcoming this new facility and enjoy using the rich resources it has to offer.

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