Long Reach Village Center now 'unsafe ghost town' [Letter]

I am a member of Celebration Church located in Long Reach Village. I have lived in Maryland for 10 years and used to live in Long Reach. When I moved here I used to go to the village center but it never really compared to the other village centers. Now that Safeway is gone, the center has become an unsafe ghost town. There are so many people in the community that need a safe, revitalized village center to shop and enjoy because of its convenience to their homes.

I am in favor of the county plan to renovate the Long Reach Village Center. My church (Celebration Church) is a positive presence in our current location but if we are allowed to purchase the old Safeway spot, it will meet the urgent need to revitalize the village center with new innovative ideas that will invite the community back to the Long Reach Village Center.

Kimberly Fields


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