To highway panhandlers: please pick up your trash [Letter]

Let me begin by saying that I know people come upon hard times, and deciding to beg for change on the street is probably not an easy choice. I have handed over change or a few dollars many times.

But no more, and here's why. 

After a long day of hanging out on the corner of 108 and 175, or 175 and the exit from 95, or where ever, you have had water, a few snacks, and your "I am homeless" sign.  Here's an idea: Take your trash with you!

Plastic bags, water bottles, papers, cans, etc.  I am not unsympathetic to your plight. I get it. I care!

But to find your garbage on the median the next morning makes me angry! Really angry!

Angry motorists don't donate to your cause, which I assume is you. Not good.

Connie Snight    


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