Cemetery should be maintained for pet owners' peace [Letter]

I read the letter to the editor of July 25 titled "Council needs to consider history of Rosa Bonheur" and was so saddened to think Rosa Bonheur could ever not be preserved. Then I also read the article "Advocates for Elkridge cemetery oppose development."

When Bonheur pet cemetery was going through hard times and people stepped up to make sure it stayed, it was because of their love of animals. Please, council members, leave the cemetery as it is. It allows peace for pet owners who value having their pets in a final resting place, and who have paid good hard-earned money for the peace of knowing their pets are buried this way.

It is hard enough losing a pet, but for me, this has at least provided a measure of peace. In my case, when Bonheur pet cemetery was hitting hard times and I couldn't be sure it would survive, and I lost another pet, I moved my pet to Meadowridge pet cemetery, and paid again for burial. But most people had the confidence it would survive and many helped. When I visit my pets, it brings me a measure of peace.

I have designated in my will that money be provided so that others may put flowers on my pets' graves when I am no longer alive. I even purchased a plot for myself overlooking the pet burial ground at Meadowridge. People who bury their pets at a pet cemetery should have the peace of knowing their pets will forever be there, and having that measure of peace. Please keep Bonheur pet cemetery as a pet cemetery, in its entirety.

Brenda Kaufman

Ellicott City

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