Coastal Sunbelt Produce has remained tight-lipped on the potential move.

In a statement, Coastal Sunbelt CEO John Corso said the company wanted to stay in Howard County.

"This is our home and we want to stay," he said. "We are a growing company needing to expand. Executive Ulman, along with his team, was pivotal in making sure we found a great location where we will be able to add jobs. We are hopeful we can complete the final steps needed for this venture and break ground soon."

Chief Financial Officer Bob Lahmann declined to comment beyond the information provided in the county press release.

"We're very, very excited about the project, and as the project moves on and we get to a point where we have more information and certainty, we'll certainly be able to talk more," Lahmann said.

County spokesman David Nitkin said the county had been helping Coastal Sunbelt in its search for land since last spring or summer.

Another bill, which would have conveyed 0.841 acres of county property on Dorsey Run Road to the company, was tabled in October.

Nitkin agreed that changing zoning regulations to help a specific business is an uncommon solution, but said the county wanted to do everything it could to help Coastal Sunbelt stay.

"The size of the employer and the number of jobs that could be added is significant and doesn't happen all the time," he said. "A deal like this, it doesn't come along everyday, and that's why the county executive got so personally involved in making sure there was a site that worked for this company. When [Ulman] heard there was a possibility of them moving and land was an issue, he rolled up his sleeves and went right to work to figure out how to solve this challenge.

"On a smaller scale," he added, "this discussion goes on all the time. That in itself is not unusual."

In addition to making the Coastal Sunbelt move possible, the loosening of minimum density requirements for lots on the periphery of the TOD zone would also make it possible for developers who own the Rosa Bonheur pet and human cemetery in Elkridge to build around the gravesite, according to testimony from Land Design and Development principal Joe Rutter, who represents the property.