Retrial of Columbia man convicted in Wilde Lake shooting begins

Opening statements are scheduled to begin Tuesday in the retrial of a Columbia man sentenced to life in prison for fatally shooting another Columbia man outside of the Wilde Lake Village Center in 2008.

The retrial was ordered after Maryland's highest appellate court declared in December 2011 that the jury in the original trial was not properly instructed.

Antajuan Lawntee Wilson, 23, of Columbia, was convicted of first-degree murder for the April 9, 2008, shooting death of Bryan Antoine Adams Jr. outside of the Wilde Lake Village Center after the two got into an argument.

According to the ruling, the jury was not instructed to consider that Wilson, who claimed it was a "kill-or-be-killed" situation, could have been acting in what is called an "imperfect self-defense," which states a person is eligible to receive reduced sentence if he feels his life is being threatened, even if the perceived threat is deemed to be unreasonable.

During the 2008 trial, Wilson testified he had been at the gas station in the village center trying to buy cigarettes when Adams and two friends arrived at the station.

Adams' friends testified that Adams and Wilson got into an argument, after which Wilson left, returned with a gun, and shot Adams.

The prosecution said Adams was shot four times, twice after hitting the ground.

Wilson said the gun, which was never recovered, belonged to Adams, and he wrestled it away from him and shot him in self-defense.

According to state's attorney spokesperson Wayne Kirwan, opening statements in the case are anticipated to be delivered on Tuesday, Jan. 8. 

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