Microsoft opens pop-up store in Columbia mall

Microsoft opened an interactive holiday "pop-up" kiosk store in the Mall in Columbia Friday morning.

The opening of the store, which is located in the mall's center court, coincides with the release of Microsoft's newest product Surface, a tablet computer that comes with a portable keyboard.

"Our premier device is going to be the Surface, which is the best device for work and for play," Mall in Columbia Microsoft store Manager Ashley Cannon said. "It's the best of both worlds."

Columbia resident Dishan Chapman, 22, said he arrived at the Mall at 6:30 a.m. to make sure he picked up his Surface today.

"I've been waiting for this and keeping up with this for months," Chapman said.

Chapman, who uses other Microsoft products like XBOX 360, a Windows phone and a Windows computer, said the Surface will act as an extension of what he already has.

"It's more accessible than other platforms," Chapman said. "It brings everything that matters to you, whether it's social media, music, to the forefront."

Cannon said the ultra-lite and sleek Surface comes with the option of two keyboard covers that "click" on to the device.

On the standard touch cover is a printed keyboard whose keys do not move when touched. The second option is a type cover, that looks and feels like a more traditional keyboard.

According to Cannon, typing on a touch or type cover is two times faster than typing on a touch screen.

Cannon said the Surface also has a kickstand, long battery life, a USB port, and HD port.

The 32GB Surface retails for $499, with the option of adding a touch cover for an additional $100, while the 64GB, which comes with the touch cover, sells for $699.

Chapman said the interactive pop-up store experience is a good way for people to acquaint themselves with Microsoft products.

"It's a sit-down and try-out experience, and the product speaks for itself," Chapman said.

The store is scheduled to stay open in the mall through the holiday season.

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