“I don’t think we’ve ever had a team that scores this much,” said Oakland Mills coach Jamie Bowman.

“This is a very intense team. We don’t have any subs so they play the entire game,” Bowman said. “They play with intensity, precision and a cool head. I’ve never seen a group of girls who are so cool in a stressful situation and that’s what’s giving them the confidence to move forward.”

“It feels good to be with a team. (Long Reach) thought they were going to come out here and kill us but we had a good game against them,” Farrall said.

Long Reach 22, Oakland Mills 18

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Goals: LR — Lillie Miller 9, Imani Sanders 5, Sadie McClelland 4, Nicole Cote, Patricia Anderson, Colleen Dudley, Olivia Carroll. OM —  Sarah Farrall 7, Jordan Kerr 6, Christina Devine 2, Jania Suryn 2, Yasmeen Saad.

Assists: LR — Imani Sanders 4, Lillie Miller, Nicole Coté, Sadie McClelland. OM — none.

Saves: LR — Caroline LaGow 3. OM — Ashley Ramirez 23.

Halftime: Long Reach, 10-7.

Marriotts Ridge 19, Centennial 7

Goals: MR —  Taylor Hensh 5, Marissa Davey 5, Jenna Kerr 3, Lexi Souder, Alexis Zadjura. C — Martha Hutzell 2, Alicia Hsieh 2, Samantha Courtemanche, Dani Wilson.

Assists: MR — Jenna Kerr 3, Lexi Souder 2, Marissa Davey, Taylor Hensh. C — Martha Hutzell, Alicia Hsieh, Kay Kelly.

Saves: MR — Rachel Ortell 10, Caroline Moore 0.  C — Maddie Albornoz 4, Anna Cosentino 6.

Halftime: Marriotts Ridge, 10-4.

Mt. Hebron 14, River Hill 8

Goals: MH — Jennifer Giles 4, Chachi Kelehan 3, Lauren Schaaf 3, Ally Unkenholz 2, Jordan Stevens, Sorana Larson. RH — Julia Collins 4, Jenna Collins 2, Emily Hamburger, Katie Caddigan.

Assists: MH — Jordan Stevens 2, Jennifer Giles, Chachi Kelehan. RH — none.

Saves: MH — Jen Schaaf 7. RH — Annie Maloney 14.

Halftime: Mt. Hebron, 7-5.

Glenelg 15, Howard 5 

Goals: G — Stephanie Asher 4, Julia Salandra 4, Hannah Doughty 3, Lindsay LeTellier 2, Sarah Kapinos, Kayla Tatum. Ho — Katie Schluederberg 2, Maddie Regal, Abbey Groft, Jenny Kinsey.