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Hammond wins Gay Petrlik girls lacrosse tournament

Saturday, the Hammond girls lacrosse team started working on a new skill — how to win.

After 12 consecutive losses (going back into last season), the Golden Bears defeated Meade, 6-5, and Patapsco, 10-9, to win the inaugural Gay Petrlik Memorial Tournament.

The event is named in honor of Hammond’s first girls lacrosse coach Gay Petrlik, who passed away last May. Petrlik coached the team its first 12 years of existence.

Two other tournaments were played Saturday. Howard hosted the 13th annual Karl Wolf Memorial Tournament at Rockburn Park and Mt. Hebron hosted the Fight for Five at Cedar Lane. Both teams ended up second.

Gay Petrlik Memorial

If victories haven’t come frequently for the Hammond, the Golden Bears did know how to react when they won — rush the field and jump on the goalkeeper.

Goalie Ewurafua Asiedu did make a critical save in the final 20 seconds of the championship game when she stopped Patapsco’s Tessa Hom’s 8-meter free position, which was potentially a game-tying shot.

“My emotions were running high and I had to channel that into making the save,” Asiedu said.

Seconds later, Hom had a second attempt to knot the score on another 8-meter attempt but she missed the goal cage.

Patapsco got the ball back but ended up throwing it toward the sideline and Hammond got possession as the final buzzer sounded.

“I knew our defense could stop them,” said Hammond’s Zoe Pekins. “I’m glad that we were able to pull it out.”

Hammond did not score the last 16:05 of the game.

“We did the same thing in both games,” said Hammond coach Bill Smith. “We got a lead and then let them whittle away at it, but the character of this group showed. In the past (the win) would have gotten away from us and this group didn’t let that happen.”

The tournament kicked off with Gay Petrlik’s husband, George, and her son, Todd, a former coach of the team, speaking.

“You could feel the emotion from them and that carried over throughout the day,” said Hammond assistant coach Lindsay Kolesar, a 1997 graduate of the school who played for “Coach P.”

“We certainly were totally different in the way we presented ourselves coaching-wise but I think we both know how much we loved the kids, and we shared that. Gay is missed every day — just the wonderful things that she always said and did.”

Petrlik retired from teaching in 2010.

In honor of Petrlik, Hammond’s players wore brown and gold ribbons in their hair. Brown and gold were the school’s original colors, and the team’s first cheer was  “For Coach P.”

“Even though they didn’t know her, you could tell that they were touched and that they cared enough about us to know how much she meant to us,” Kolesar said. “I know she had a hand in this today from the weather to the wins.”

Hammond 10, Patapsco 9


Goals: Ha — Brigid Mangan 4, Zoe Pekins 4, Keara Miller 2. P — Anna Cardarella 6, Tessa Hom, Carly Tweed.

Assists: Ha — Zoe Pekins. P — Tessa Hom.

Saves: Ha — Tina Asare 8, Ewurafua Asiedu 4. P — not available.

Halftime: Hammond, 5-1.

Oakland Mills 12, Meade 10


First round

Hammond 6, Meade 5

Goals:  Ha — Keara Miller 2, Brigid Mangan 2, Zoe Pekins 2. M —Kristi King 2, Abigael Kigame, Nicole Krug, Averi Ayala.

Saves: Ha — Ewurafua Asiedu 5, Tina Asare 5. M — Alexis Clark 0, Karen Harris 5.

Halftime: Hammond, 3-1.

First round

Patapsco 13, Oakland Mills 10

Goals: P — Carly Tweed 4, Anna Cardarella 4, Tessa Hom, Julianna Darpino. OM — Sarah Farrall 5, Jordan Kerr 4, Yasmeen Saad 1. 

Fight for 5 Tournament

McDonogh, the No. 1 team in Maryland and the top team in the nation, extended its win streak to a national record 106 games by defeating North Harford and Mt. Hebron in the Fight for 5 tournament.

McDonogh’s win streak betters Mt. Hebron’s 103-game win streak (set in 2007) and Loch Raven’s 104 (set in 1982).

As irony would have it, McDonogh coach Chris Robinson is a graduate of Loch Raven and the Mt. Hebron win streak started when he was coaching there.

McDonogh 15, Mt. Hebron 7


Goals: McD — Griffin 5, George 4, Cummings 3, Jenner 2, Whittle. MH — Chachi Kelehan 2, Jordan Stevens 2, Jennifer Giles, Sorana Larson, Lauren Schaaf.

Assists: McD — Whittle, Jenner, Cummings. MH — Ally Unkenholz.

Saves: McD — Hoelting 5. MH — Jen Schaaf .

Halftime: McDonogh, 10-4.

South River 11, North Harford 9


Goals: SR — Carter 5, Szanyi, Wolfe, Blanche. NH — Crowther 3, O’Donnell 2, Clarkk 2, Doering, Latgis.

Assists: SR — not available. NH — Crowther.

Saves: SR — Obear 9. NH — Ensor 9.

Halftime: South River, 8-3.

First round

McDonogh 15, North Harford 8

Goals: McD — Whittle 6, Griffin 2, Buchanan 2, Cummings, Smith, McCoy, Rudmicki, Alday. NH — Clark 3, O’Donnell 2, Auth, Doering, Crowther.

Assists: McD — Whittle, Buchanan. NH — Doering.

Saves: McD — Cadoux 5. NH — Ensor 5.

Halftime: McDonogh, 10-5.

First round

Mt. Hebron 14, South River 9

Goals: MH — Jennifer Giles 5, Chachi Kelehan 4, Jordan Stevens 3, Ally Unkenholz 2. SR — not available.

Assists: MH — Lauren Schaaf, Jennifer Giles, Sorana Larson. SR — not available.

Saves: MH — Jen Schaaf. SR — not available.

Halftime: Mt. Hebron, 8-4.

Karl Wolf Memorial 

For the second year in a row Worcester Prep eked out a narrow victory over Howard  to win the Karl Wolf Memorial Tournament.  This year’s score was 15-13.

The victory upped the Mallards’ record to 10-0, and saddled Howard with its third consecutive narrow loss in the championship of its own tournament.

Howard jumped out to a 6-0 lead, but Worcester Prep made adjustments. The Mallards switched centers, bringing Molly Soule in to take the draw.

“I went in and tried drawing to myself and we were becoming more successful and that helped gain momentum for our team,” Soule said.

She and Lilly DiNardo alternated at center the rest of the game.

DiNardo said her team was caught sleeping in the beginning of the game. “But we definitely woke up and came back,” she said.

Howard led, 13-11, but had a possible 14th goal called back for a goal circle violation.

The Lions still had control of the game and just needed to play it out.  Worcester Prep, however, wrestled away the momentum.

A Mallard timeout with 4:35 left proved to be the game changer.

“I told the girls I wanted to run an iso play for Kristen Shriver,” said Mallard coach Allie Gamble. “When we scored that goal, I told the girls we needed to get the ball back and score one ore goal and then run the stall.”

Shriver got the free position shot, but Howard keeper Lauren Ferraro made the save. There was a defensive foul on the play and Shriver got a second chance, which she converted into the Mallards’ 12th goal.

Twenty seconds later Shriver scored again to tie the game.

Sophie Brennan got what proved to be the game-winner and DiNardo added an insurance goal.

After that Worcester Prep time out, Howard’s offense was silent.

“We were 9-0 and we came out of a really big game against Cape Henlopen (Del.) on Thursday and we wanted to win and keep our undefeated record,” Gamble said. “The girls wanted it bad. We knew we were going to have to step up big.”

“This was probably the best team effort we’ve had,” said Howard coach Alleesha Davidson. “I think they played well and I don’t think we had as many turnovers (as we have had) and that’s a definite improvement.”

Worcester Prep’s Kristen Shriver and Howard’s Catherine Sims were named recipients of the Karl Wolf Award.

Wilde Lake and Reservoir were also in the tournament. Behind 11 goals and 13 draw controls from Grayson Corbett, Wilde Lake won the consolation game.

“I was impressed with our attack. We were patient. We spread out and waited for the perfect time to score,” Wilde Lake coach Davia Procida said. “We’ll take a lot of good stuff away from today.” 

Worcester Prep 15, Howard 13


Goals: WL — Jenny Kinsey 4, Maddie Regal 3, Katie Schluederberg 2, Kelly Aquino, Abbey Groft, Ella Orzechowski, Catherine Sims. WP —  Kristen Shriver 5, Lilly DiNardo 4, Molly Soule 2, Sophie Brennan 2,Cynthia Delaney, Alie Greer.

Wilde Lake 19, Reservoir 13


Goals: WL — Grayson Corbett 11, Kate Glaros 3, Nicole Sciabarra 2, Tess Kostelec 2, Kikelomo Lawoyin,  Re — not available.

Assists: WL — Tess Kostelec. Re — not available.

Saves: WL — Jenna Oler 8. Re — not available.

Halftime: Wilde Lake, 9-4.

First round

Worcester Prep 18, Wilde Lake 6

Goals: WP — Kristen Shriver 6, Lilly DiNardo 6, Alie Greer 2, Sophie Brennan 2, Meg Lingo, Frankie Willing. WL — Grayson Corbett 4, Nicole Sciabarra, Kate Glaros.

Assists: WP — not available. WL — Grayson Corbett 2.

Saves: WP — Maddie Pilchard 8. WL — Jenna Oler 7.

Halftime: Worcester Prep, 7-3.

First round

Howard 21, Reservoir 7

Standings (as of April 19)

Marriotts Ridge, 7-0 county, 9-1 overall

Mt. Hebron, 7-0, 9-1

Glenelg, 6-1, 9-1

Centennial, 5-2, 5-2

Atholton, 4-2, 4-3

River Hill, 3-3, 4-4

Reservoir, 3-4, 4-6

Howard, 2-4, 3-6

Oakland Mills, 1-5, 3-6

Wilde Lake, 1-5, 2-7

Long Reach, 1-7, 1-7

Hammond 0-7, 2-7

Glenelg Country, 9-3 (IAAM B), 9-3

Chapelgate, 8-4 (IAAM C), 10-4

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