Worcester Prep’s Kristen Shriver and Howard’s Catherine Sims were named recipients of the Karl Wolf Award.

Wilde Lake and Reservoir were also in the tournament. Behind 11 goals and 13 draw controls from Grayson Corbett, Wilde Lake won the consolation game.

“I was impressed with our attack. We were patient. We spread out and waited for the perfect time to score,” Wilde Lake coach Davia Procida said. “We’ll take a lot of good stuff away from today.” 

Worcester Prep 15, Howard 13

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Goals: WL — Jenny Kinsey 4, Maddie Regal 3, Katie Schluederberg 2, Kelly Aquino, Abbey Groft, Ella Orzechowski, Catherine Sims. WP —  Kristen Shriver 5, Lilly DiNardo 4, Molly Soule 2, Sophie Brennan 2,Cynthia Delaney, Alie Greer.

Wilde Lake 19, Reservoir 13


Goals: WL — Grayson Corbett 11, Kate Glaros 3, Nicole Sciabarra 2, Tess Kostelec 2, Kikelomo Lawoyin,  Re — not available.

Assists: WL — Tess Kostelec. Re — not available.

Saves: WL — Jenna Oler 8. Re — not available.

Halftime: Wilde Lake, 9-4.

First round

Worcester Prep 18, Wilde Lake 6

Goals: WP — Kristen Shriver 6, Lilly DiNardo 6, Alie Greer 2, Sophie Brennan 2, Meg Lingo, Frankie Willing. WL — Grayson Corbett 4, Nicole Sciabarra, Kate Glaros.

Assists: WP — not available. WL — Grayson Corbett 2.

Saves: WP — Maddie Pilchard 8. WL — Jenna Oler 7.

Halftime: Worcester Prep, 7-3.

First round

Howard 21, Reservoir 7