Atholton girls lacrosse holds off Wilde Lake

Is it possible to play a game and have both teams be happy with the outcome? It was at Tuesday’s Atholton-Wilde Lake girls lacrosse game.

Atholton, led by Meaghan Quinn (five goals) and Rachel Foster (four) won, 19-13, but Wilde Lake felt victory in smaller ways. The Wildecats cut a 10-goal deficit in half and forced Atholton to take a timeout to stop their momentum.

“This is the happiest and most proud I’ve been all season,” said Wilde Lake coach Davia Procida. “We were down the entire time and we kept coming back. We had Atholton scared.”

Atholton led the whole game and the final outcome was never really in doubt, but Wilde Lake, which has only won two games this season, just wouldn’t quit.

Procida said she’s talked to her team about how to react when they get scored on, and nine Raiders netted shots in the game.

“You’ve got to let it go and keep going,” she said. “It’s really hard for a team to do, especially a team that has lost so many games. It’s easier to put your head down and wait for the game to be over than it is to keep you head up and keep fighting.”

Atholton’s offense played in fits and spurts.

“When we played well, we scored a lot of goals,” said Atholton coach Crystal Shelley.

Draw control was a key to their success on attack.

With the lead, Atholton substituted liberally and that caused some inconsistency.

“We have a lot of young people on our team, mostly freshmen that are the ones that are the subs. They are still learning and getting used to the pace but I think everyone did well,” Shelley said.

Atholton’s midfield transition game gave the Raiders an edge.

“In practice we’ve been working on that a lot,” said Foster. “Everyone just kept their heads up and we all cut into space and it flowed very well.”

Coming into the game, Atholton knew it needed to key on Wilde Lake’s Grayson Corbett.

“We said, don’t let her get the ball and double-team her whenever she looks at an iso (play),” Foster said. “I thought we did a pretty good job of that, but we could have done more doubling.”

Corbett, who had to fight through double- and triple-teams, finished with a game-high 10 goals.

“She’s a good player and she’s going to beat a good defender in a 1v1 so we had to play more as a team” defensively, Shelley said.

Corbett is taking the exra defensive attention philosophically.

“It’s helping me. I’m getting better with my stickwork,” said the Hofstra-bound senior.

Wilde Lake drew praise from the Atholton coach. “I think their team has really improved. They are doing a great job. They are much improved on defense and make great slides and doubles,” she said.

“That’s the best I’ve seen our defense play,” Procida said. “You can’t play defense as individuals.”

Becca Riley leads the Wilde Lake defense. Middies Corbett and Kate Glaros both created caused turnovers with their aggressive defensive.

Procida also cited the play of Vanessa Akoto. “She was all over her cutters, which we have been having trouble with.

“This is what we’ve been waiting for — to play as a team and to be successful. Yes, we lost but even that it’s not always about the goals. It’s about creating the turnovers and coming back.” 

Atholton 19, Wilde Lake 13

Goals: A — Meaghan Quinn 5, Rachel Foster 4, Erin Dabney 2, KK Shepherd 2, Kelley Flynn 2, Chloe Berman, Emily Howell, Emma Johnson, Ashley Martin. WL — Grayson Corbett 10, Kate Glarosm Tess Kostelec, Sarah Moore.

Assists: A — Rachel Foster 2, Meaghan Quinn 2, KK Shepherd 2, Emily Howell. WL —  Kate Glaros.

Saves:  A — Yasi Brewer 9. WL — Jenna Oler 4.

Halftime: Atholton, 8-6.

Marriotts Ridge 23, Long Reach 3 

Goals: MR — Taylor Hensh 5, Marissa Davey 3, Lily Kennedy 3, Emma Stukenberg 2, Olivia Geiger 2, Jenna Kerr, Carly Miller, Alexis Zadjura, Annalise Lower,  Casey Summerson, Maria Plano, Katie Wardle, Joan Condorn. LR — Imani Sanders 3.

Assists: MR — Taylor Hensh 3, Caroline Corbliss 3, Carly Miller 3, Emma Stukenberg 2, Cassidy Delaney 2, Lily Kennedy, Marissa Davey. LR — none.

Saves: MR — Rachel Ortell 1, Caroline Moore 1. LR —  Saleniers 10.

Halftime: Marriotts Ridge, 15-2.

River Hill 21, Centennial 15

Goals: RH — Jenna Collins 7, Julia Collins 4, Emily Hamburger 4, Kendall Stull 3, Katie Caddigan 2, Halley Seybold. C — Kay Kelly 5, Alicia Hsieh 4, Martha Hutzell 2, Emilia Uribe 2, Dani Wilson, Ali Durkee.

Assists: RH — Jenna Collins 2, Julia  Collins. C — Martha Hutzell, Kay Kelly.

Saves: RH — Annie Maloney 10, Stephanie Paxson 1. C — Maddie Albornoz 4, Anna Cosentino 3.

Reservoir 20, Oakland Mills 5

Goals: Re — Leah Monroe 4, Alex Sadzewicz 4, Haley Tiller 3, Abby Gillum 2, Anna Janush 2, Michelle Armstrong 2, Connie Chung, Darcy Fehr, Emily Rowell.  OM — Jordan Kerr 3, Yasmeen Saad, Jania Suryn.

Assists: Re — Michelle Armstrong 3, Alexis Bartley 2, Leah Monroe, Haley Tiller, Alex Sadzewicz, Anna Janush. OM — none.

Saves: Re — Brianna Weinman 8. OM — Ashley Ramirez 7.

Halftime: Reservoir, 15-3.

Mt. Hebron 18, Howard 9 

Goals: MH — Chachi Kelehan 5, Jennifer Giles 5, Sorana Larson 3, Lexi Arens 2, Jordan Stevens 2, Lauren Schaaf. Ho — Ella Orzechowski 2, Catherine Sims 2, Maddie Regal 2, Jenny Kinsey, Katie Schluederberg, Katie Martin.

Assists: MH — Jordan Stevens 3, Jennifer Giles 2. Ho — Kelsey Savje, Abbey Groft, Maddie Regal.

Saves: MH — Jen Schaaf 7. Ho — Lauren Ferraro 5.

Halftime: Mt. Hebron, 11-5.

Glenelg 19, Hammond 1

Goals: G — Stephanie Asher 4, Hannah Doughty 3, Allie Noyes 2, Lindsay LeTellier 2, Anna McAuliffe, Sami Smit, Grace Perry, Maisy Haney, Caroline Kwon, Julia Salandra, Kayla Tatum, Alayna Pagnotta. Ha — Brigid Mangan.

Assists: G —  Julia Salandra 2, Hannah Doughty, Maisy Haney, Lindsay LeTellier, Stephanie Asher. Ha —  none.

Saves: G — Katelin Johnson 2, Megan Taylor 1. Ha —Tina Asare 3.

Halftime: Glenelg, 11-0.

Standings (as of April 22) 

Marriotts Ridge, 8-0 county, 10-1 overall

Mt. Hebron, 8-0, 10-1

Glenelg, 7-1, 10-1

Atholton, 5-2, 5-3

Centennial, 5-3, 5-3

River Hill, 4-3, 5-4

Reservoir, 4-4, 5-6

Howard, 2-5, 3-7

Oakland Mills, 1-6, 3-7

Wilde Lake, 1-6, 2-8

Long Reach, 1-8, 1-8

Hammond 0-8, 2-8

Glenelg Country, 9-3 (IAAM B), 9-3

Chapelgate, 8-4 (IAAM C), 10-4

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