Howard County football

River Hill defeated Reservoir, 14-13, in the regular season finale last week, and both teams now advance to the 3A East playoffs. (Photo by Noah Scialom / November 8, 2013)

Happy playoffs, everyone. It's an exciting time of year for Howard County football since five teams made the playoffs that began Friday night.

We could very well have some shakeups in these rankings, with Reservoir defeating Glenelg, 34-13, in their 3A semifinal game to open the playoffs and River Hill possibly playing the Gators next week, but for at least the regular season this is the final edition. Let's see how I did with the first rankings back in Week 1.

1. River Hill
2. Glenelg

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3. Atholton
4. Reservoir
5. Mt. Hebron
6. Hammond
7. Wilde Lake
8. Howard
9. Centennial
10. Long Reach
On the bubble: Marriotts Ridge, Oakland Mills.

I was pretty good with the top two spots, although River Hill had some midseason hiccups. I was just about right with Reservoir, Hammond, Long Reach and Marriotts Ridge. I overrated Atholton, and might have been bullish on Mt. Hebron and Wilde Lake, but not by that much. I underestimated Oakland Mills, and missed the boat on Howard and Centennial. Overall, I give myself a C.

On to the rankings:

1. (1.) Glenelg (9-1, 272 points scored-62 points allowed)

Last five games: Glenelg 161, Opponents 20. I'd say they enteried the playoffs on a roll before stumbling against Reservoir. The Gladiators allowed only six points per game this season for the best defense in the league. And you know what they say about defense. I have a feeling that they could have scored more than 27 points per game (third best in the league) but Glenelg has never been a team to run up the score.

Last week: beat Atholton (1-9), 33-0. This week: Lost to Reservoir (7-3) on Friday 34-13 (3A East regional semifinal)

W: WL (14-6), Re (24-6), Ha (35-3), Ho (35-20), OM (49-8), MR (37-9), C (21-3), LR (21-0), A (33-0). L: RH (7-3).


2. (3.) Howard (8-2, 246-139)