Howard police arrest missing sex offender in Laurel

Howard County police said Tuesday night they had found missing sex offender Arthur Edward Spicer, 37, at a friend's residence in Laurel in Prince George's County, and that he was arrested without incident.

Spicer, whose last known address was 6664 Dovecote Drive, Columbia, could not be found during a police sweep of the 104 sex offenders registered in Howard County after a pre-Halloween check.

There were two warrants for his arrest: one for the registry violation and one for failure to pay child support.

Police conduct regular visits to verify sex offenders' residences and places of employment, and follow up on complaints from the community about offenders who may not live at their registered locations, police said.

The goal of the recent, pre-Halloween sweep was to identify anyone in violation of the registry's requirements and to remind offenders that they are forbidden from participating in Halloween, police said.

"We wanted to do this sweep before Halloween to make sure we know where our sex offenders are living," Howard Police Chief Bill McMahon said in a statement. "We recommend that parents check the sex offender registry before taking their children trick-or-treating."

A link to the Maryland Sex Offender Registry can be found at

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