Take your pick: breathing space or enriched reality [Letter]

I just returned from a tour of Symphony Woods and was appalled by the plans that the Inner Arbor Corp. has proposed. It includes an 800-foot "caterpillar." This structure has been pitched to many municipalities across the country for their parks and all of them had the good sense to decline.

Original and previously approved plan: "The central park will be a place for music, the arts and nature. It will be an inviting and beautiful gathering place that provides a respite, a breathing place for downtown. The center of the park …. will be used for festivals and other community events.

"The really great cities of the world are remembered for their public realm: their parks, plazas, squares and pedestrian streets.  It is the public realm … the connective fabric that sets the tone for private investment and creates the environment for human activity and habitation."  — Cy Paumier (planner of over 60 parks worldwide).

 Newer plan: "This is where we work and play, at the profitable confluence of entertainment and information, shaping our purview of Enriched Reality places … acting as a SWAT Team, a surrogate entertainment developer, deploying an array of unique talent, skill and experience.

  "We create entertainment businesses. For our partners and ourselves, Strategic Leisure develops a range of leisure Products. … Strategic Leisure is a Systems Integrator of entertainment business parameters, leading the whole by leading the parts, bringing each discipline's respective issues and opportunities into balance. This is the foundation of our Strategic Design process." — Michael McCall, president of Inner Arbor Corp.

Please let your CA board members and other elected officials know your preference.

Fern Eisner


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