Symphony Woods, from open discourse to intrigue [Letter]

As word seeps out further about the biggest blunder in Columbia's history, Inner Arbor, it now becomes clear that the Columbia Association's directors covertly gave an outsiders' group not just part of Symphony Woods, but all of it. That's 40 acres of prime land worth upwards of $90 million dollars.

Touting itself as a trust, Inner Arbor is merely a new corporation created by its chief and his cronies who now sit on its board as majority members. Inner Arbor Trust started off with $!.6 million that CA's board turned over, plus $5-million as the County's first input of tax money.

IAC was given total independence and needs only to satisfy minimal conditions. Incredibly, its easement is in perpetuity.

Question is, what force gave this group enough clout to compel the CA Board to turn aside its and the county's approval of a sound plan for Symphony Woods that emerged from years of open public discourse? The reek of intrigue is so strong that not even backers of that plan care to reveal the politics involved in fear of retribution.

So much for Columbia transparency.

Allan Barry


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