School security protocols are never absurd [Letter]

Just to clarify ("School security protocols getting absurd in Howard," Aug. 28 letters), checking driver's licenses at schools is to prevent pedophiles, not shooters. I know this will not stop the pedophiles that lurk near schoolyards, but the fact that we can't stop all threats doesn't mean we shouldn't do what we can to eliminate some.

As for locked doors, I agree they didn't stop Adam Lanza, but have you considered how many lives they saved. He had to shoot his way in which means people were alerted to his presence, classroom doors could be locked, and police called. Imagine how many more teachers and students might have died if the first shots, and therefore the first signs of danger, were fired into a classroom.

As a Howard Count Public School System teacher, I know I am the last line of defense between my students and those that would bring them harm. I accept that responsibility and I am grateful to HCPSS for making sure teachers are not the only line of defense — every bit helps.

Your sarcastic recommendations and comment about absurdity are disrespectful to those of us working daily to protect our children. If you think these measures are futile, then give legitimate solutions.

Anyone can make ridiculous suggestions. Here's one — you should stand outside of your granddaughter's school daily with a cellphone to call 911 faster than the front office staff. Be sure to wear your pedophile alert glasses so you can spot the registered sex offenders as they walk up.

Andrea Covington


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