Save Symphony Woods, a rare stand of trees [Letter]

I enthusiastically moved to the new city of Columbia in September 1970. One of the great selling points was the at-that-time mature forest of Symphony Woods.

This is farm from an ordinary tract of old trees. Some of the trees I am sure are more than 150 years old at this time. The first colonists of American found forests of oak, hickory and beech. This is what now exists at Symphony Woods and it is increasingly rare to encounter. Most tree stands in Howard County are almost entirely the inferior black locust, tulip poplars and red maple.

The proposal of the Inner Arbor Trust should be a non-starter. There is no question that there will be far more trees removed than the 30 they claim. And for what? A football-field-length picnic table and a comparable caterpillar? It is embarassing to contemplate. A basic tenet of design is to avoid gee-gaw gimmicks. I pray cooler heads will prevail and right this terrible wrong.

Daniel Turner


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