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Rouse's land purchase puts county residents on edge 50 years ago [History Matters]

50 Years Ago

Rouse shows his hand

"Reaction: 14,000 Acre Purchase Stirs County Residents

"Reaction varied sharply this week as residents adjusted to the news of the 14,100 acre purchase in the heart of Howard County by the Community Research and Development Corporation.

"Many residents expressed the feeling that this as the 'beginning of the end' for Howard County as they knew it. The open spaces, rolling hills and leisurely way of life were all felt to be on the way out.

"Prosperity for the County was seen by some. ... .

"This use for which the land would be put was partially answered by William Finley, a Rouse Co. vice president, who said that it would support a wide range of housing types designed to appeal to various income levels. The development is also to include thousands of acres of open space, shopping, and recreation areas, swimming pools and possibly a hospital.  

"Mr. Finley said it would not be just a 'dormitory,' a bedroom for Baltimore and Washington workers. 'It will be a total community with a full range of faculties. Planning probably will take a full year and it may take ten to fifteen years to complete.' "

November 1927

'Come on in!'

"Mrs. Clyde Pindell, Mrs. Spencer Pindell and Miss Mary Dorsey, of Glenwood, spent Monday night with Mrs. Adelaide Anderson.

"Misses Nellie and Beall and Dorothy Condon, of Catonsville, spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Beall.

"Mr. and Mrs. Truston Day have returned from a visit to their daughter in Baltimore.

"Mr. Roger Hall and little son, Junior, spent the week end with relatives in Baltimore.   

"Mr. Boland left on Monday for California after two weeks visit to friends in Ellicott City.

"Misses Marion Bloss and Anne Simmons of State Normal School were the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson Lord and family.

"Mrs. Blanch Harp, Mrs. Mildred Arrington and Miss Audrey Harp of Sykesveile were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin day of Glenelg.

 "Dr. and Mrs. James E. Shreeve had as their guest on Tuesday Mr. Otto Manger, son of the late Dr. John Manger of Baltimore. Mr. Manger has been living in Holly Wood California for the past four years, he made the trip by auto leaving California about two weeks ago."

That sounds like an arduous cross-country trip, perhaps in a Model-T, which was the most popular car of that time. Hollywood was not usually spelled as "Holly Wood," but the iconic "Hollywood" sign did begin in 1923 as "Hollywoodland."

By 1949, the sign was abbreviated to just "Hollywood." But by any name, the place was movieland, putting out flicks like a film factory, with the first film studio opening in tinsel town in 1912.

November 1889

Concert was 'exceptionally good'

Under "Miscellaneous Items" in the Times:

"A concert was given Tuesday night by the members of Grove Church assisted by the Monroe Street choir. The music was exceptionally good and was very much enjoyed by those present. After the concert a luncheon was served to the singers by the ladies of the church."

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