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'Ballots continued to pour in on the Columbia Opinion Poll' [History Matters]

March 1965

Public weighs in on Columbia

In a article related to the new town of Columbia: "Ballots continued to pour in on the Columbia Opinion Poll with the largest response in any survey conducted for this paper, 80 percent of the ballots were now marked FOR Columbia, an increase of 5 percent over last week's totals.

"Though many residents expressed their appreciation of  'The Times' efforts in giving them an opportunity to express their opinions, County Commissioner Charles Miller called the poll 'a great disservice to the people of the community because you have not presented the facts.'

"This was in the wake of a constant series of articles in both County papers presenting the plans for Columbia, plus the Times feature, 'CRD questions,' which provided answers to all queries submitted about Columbia.

 "Members of the staff which had planned the community in Howard County said they were continuing their meetings with the County Commissioners and were hopeful of working out their differences.

"Several of those who voted FOR Columbia also voted against the Tax District, saying they were opposed to the powers of condemnation it contained. ... Many HCCA members boycotted the meeting, saying they felt it was being used to 'brainwash' members before the scheduled Wednesday meeting or as an excuse for the Commissioners to by-pass it.

"One Association member who attended called the meeting 'very biased' and noted that the great emphasis was on row housing and its disadvantages without any alternative plans being offered."

March 1924

PTA felicitations

"The Parent-Teachers' Association held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday evening, March 13, 1924.

"The association ordered a letter sent to the Senator and two delegates from Howard County expressing gratitude and appreciation for their successful endeavors in obtaining a bond issue for a new school building.

"A letter was also ordered sent to the school bond commission expressing felicitations and offering the full cooperation of the association.

 "After adjournment light refreshments were served and a radio concert was enjoyed by all."

It may seem odd, people hovering around a radio at a party, but radios were a big deal then, though in 1924 in Maryland there were just a few stations including WEAR, WCBM, transmitting from North and Charles Streets in Baltimore, and WCAO. The latter is now a Gospel station, but in the 1950s and 1960s it was a Top 40 station, where by 1963 many teens were tuning in to the Beatles via their pocket-sized transistor radios.

It was the first time music was easily portable, as before then day trippin' down Penny Lane hauling a huge radio with vacuum tubes would have been just a wee bit cumbersome. The advent of the transistor made us, well, glad all over.

March 1890

A handsome residence

"Improvements At Orange Grove: The Winter Active, Spring Perhaps More So — Ilchester Items.

"Orange Grove, Ilchester and the neighborhood between have been very fortunate in the number and extent of improvements during the past winter.  

"Among these may be mentioned the large warehouse erected by the Gambrill Mfg. Co. at Orange Grove, the handsome residence of Mr. Leonidas Levering and the beautiful cottage now in course of erection by Mr. R.C. Norris at 'Olney Farm.' It is also rumored that Mr. Charles J. Baker will shortly add to the numerous improvements already made on his property near here by the erection of a large summer retreat."

If you've ever served a ball over the net at Volleyball House, or had a meal at the Elkridge Furnace Inn, you know Levering Avenue is the conduit from Route 1 to a number of sites on Furnace Avenue in lower Elkridge. Melville Chapel United Methodist Church is there also, one of the oldest Methodist congregations in America, established in 1772. The church is also the site of the Elkridge Love Mission, which includes a food pantry.

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