Little public enthusiasm for Inner Arbor plan [Letter]

There are several misconceptions about Inner Arbor and Symphony Woods.


Quite a few love Symphony Woods exactly as it is and want it to stay that way forever. Others would like to see the park improved, but in a more appropriate manner.


Michael McCall, Inner Arbor's president, does have a small pro-Inner-Arbor claque. They, along with a few CA board members and a couple influential county politicians, give the illusion of impressive Inner Arbor backing, but there's not a whole lot of bench strength behind it.


Other than those, I have yet to come across anyone who shows any genuine enthusiasm for the Inner Arbor plan. There are a great many who oppose it, however. Some have been active in their opposition, and there are others who are reluctant to get involved, don't have the time or assume that the project will eventually collapse under its own weight.


A second misconception is that those opposed to Inner Arbor are somehow old fuddy-duddies who stand athwart progress, not to mention Jim Rouse's vision.This is not so. The fact is that the opposition is being led by architects,landscape designers and other design professionals, many of whom actually worked with Rouse and who see the Inner Arbor scheme for what it is — poor design, inappropriate, impractical and financially irresponsible.


There are reasonable compromises that could bring the entire community together and end the discord. I suggest CA step in and provide forceful oversight of Inner Arbor


Dick Boulton


Ellicott City

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