Howard food and drink standards

Drink standards

• Calorically sweetened cold beverages shall contain no more than 40 calories per 8 oz. serving and shall be in a container no larger than 17 oz.

• Fruit and/or vegetable-based beverages shall contain 100 percent juice or 100 percent juice that is diluted with water. These offerings shall not exceed 8 oz. or 150 calories and shall be no salt or low-sodium varieties.

• Milk, fortified soy milk and other milk substitute beverages shall be unflavored, low-fat or non-fat and contain no more than 22 grams of total sugar per 8 oz. serving or be in a container no larger than 8 oz.

• Diet drinks with with non-caloric sweeteners shall have less than 5 calories per serving and will constitute no more than one third of the total beverage offerings.

• Water with no added caloric content or non-caloric sweeteners must be sold as part of total beverage offerings.

Food standards

50 percent of the packaged food offered (not including gum or mints) shall meet all of the following criteria:

• No more than 200 calories per portion as packaged

• No more than 35 percent of calories shall be from fat, with the exception of packages that contain 100 percent nuts or seeds; snack mixes and other foods of which nuts are a part must meet the 35 percent standard

• No more than 10 percent of calories shall be from saturated fat

• No trans-fat

• No more than 35 percent of calories from total sugars, except for yogurt with no more than 30 grams of total sugars, per 8 oz. portion as packaged

• Sodium content of 200 mg or less per portion as packaged


Source: Howard County government

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