Ravens will be Super against 49ers predict Howard officials, residents

With both teams in New Orleans, the anticipation is building for Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, Feb 3. Predictions on the game's outcome also are building in Howard County, where officials and residents are eager to share their picks. If you'd like to be included, please send us your name, where you live, a score, and a sentence or two about your prognostication. Reporter Luke Lavoie (llavoie@tribune.com) will add your prediction to the list for a competition of its own.

 Howard County Executive Ken Ulman:

Ravens 27, 49ers 14

"I think they [49ers] are tough, but the Ravens' truck driven by [Bernard] Pollard is about to run them over.”

 Kathleen Hanks, Board of Education Administrative Assistant:

Ravens 35, 49ers 21

“I predict Ravens will win because of Ray Lewis. Emotion and the common cause goes a long way.”

 Tom Coale, Columbia Association Board Member:

Ravens 30, 49ers 23

"Most people will predict a low-scoring game, but the Ravens offense is set up to take whatever opportunities the 'Niners defense presents, whether that be short, middle, or long. These teams are very similar, with the 'Niners having a better defense and the Ravens having a better offense. The key to the game will be Joe Flacco. He is better than Colin Kapernick, and it will show."

 Laura Neuman, CEO of the Howard County Economic Development Authority 

Ravens 24, 49ers 21

"It’s going to be a close game, but because Ray Lewis is retiring they are going to pull it out."

 Gary Gardner, Deputy Chief of Howard County Police:

Ravens 24, 49ers 17

"If the Ravens offensive line continues to play well and gives Flacco time in the pocket, they should be able overcome the 49ers tough defense.”

 Dominick Clarke, Oakland Mills senior 182-pound wrestler:

Ravens 28, 49ers 25

"I was doubting the Ravens the whole time. I'm a Giants fan myself. But after beating the Broncos — you can't beat Manning and Brady without winning it all. I've got the Ravens. They're too hard (to stop now)."

 Jaron Smith, Oakland Mills sophomore 160-pound wrestler:

Ravens 34, 49ers 29

"It would be so nice. I'm a big Ravens fan and I'm really hoping the Ravens win, considering how they've been pulling wins out (against the) Broncos and Patriots. I would say they have a really good chance. Going into the playoffs they weren't doing very well but they came out and showed a lot of spirit."

 Frank Aquino, Board of Education Chairman:

Ravens - "By 9 points."

Aquino didn't give an exact score, but wants the Ravens up by nine points to "lessen the likelihood of a last-minute gasp (and win) by the 49ers."

  Arden Stara, social studies resource teacher:

Ravens 27, 49ers 21

"Ray (Lewis) knows. He has the faith. ... They believe in one another."

 Marty Robey, telephone help desk liason, HCPSS, going to New Orleans for the game:

Ravens 35, 49ers 23

"If the Ravens can open up the defense and let Ray Rice run, they'll win. The running game will be what wins the game."

 Donna Miller, administrative secretary for teacher development, HCPSS:

Ravens 36, 49ers 30

"If you say you can't say Joe Flacco's name in the same breath as Peyton Manning's name, or Tom Brady's name, you're full of it."

 Malik Jackson, Wilde Lake 145-pound wrestler and second-team all-county wide receiver:

Ravens 24, 49ers 19

"I'm a big Ravens fan. We're going to come out strong in the first quarter with our big wide receivers, Torrey Smith and Anquan Bouldin. Then we're going to struggle late in the game but come through to win it with a big play in the fourth quarter."

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