Frank Aquino, Board of Education Chairman:

Ravens - "By 9 points."

Aquino didn't give an exact score, but wants the Ravens up by nine points to "lessen the likelihood of a last-minute gasp (and win) by the 49ers."

  Arden Stara, social studies resource teacher:

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Ravens 27, 49ers 21

"Ray (Lewis) knows. He has the faith. ... They believe in one another."

 Marty Robey, telephone help desk liason, HCPSS, going to New Orleans for the game:

Ravens 35, 49ers 23

"If the Ravens can open up the defense and let Ray Rice run, they'll win. The running game will be what wins the game."

 Donna Miller, administrative secretary for teacher development, HCPSS:

Ravens 36, 49ers 30

"If you say you can't say Joe Flacco's name in the same breath as Peyton Manning's name, or Tom Brady's name, you're full of it."

 Malik Jackson, Wilde Lake 145-pound wrestler and second-team all-county wide receiver:

Ravens 24, 49ers 19

"I'm a big Ravens fan. We're going to come out strong in the first quarter with our big wide receivers, Torrey Smith and Anquan Bouldin. Then we're going to struggle late in the game but come through to win it with a big play in the fourth quarter."