Professionalism of police after shooting was 'a job well done' [Letter]

Amid the horror and chaos of the aftermath of the Columbia Mall shooting, a ray of light for me was the competence and professionalism displayed by our Howard County police force and emergency personnel — the ability to get trained officers there within two minutes, the tweets that quickly alerted people to the events, the performance of the 911 center in dispatching forces and handling the enormous volume of 911 calls throughout the day, and finally the no-nonsense manner with which Chief McMahon presented information to the press. 

I felt a bit of pride, despite the situation, when a CNN national commentator declared after the chief's first news conference, "That was extraordinary," praising both the amount of information his force had gathered in such a short time and his cool professionalism in fielding the questions of the horde of media. 

I hope we never see another event like this in Howard County, but if we do, I feel better knowing that our police force is well prepared to handle it.  Thank you all for a job well done.

Linda Shields


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