Let CA know importance of year-round pools [Letter]

Last week's Columbia Flier article pointed out accurately how active our today's seniors are, and the growing need for programs that address their needs. More and more seniors are turning to swimming and water aerobics as an ideal form of exercise for aging muscles and bones.

In contrast, the Columbia Association staff apparently doesn't understand this need, as it conspicuously failed to include in its proposed 2015-6 budget any funding for an additional indoor pool. This was odd, given that CA spent over a year and thousands of hours and dollars to create an Aquatics Master Plan recommending just that. To their credit, the Board asked CA staff to try to find a way to include funding for the initial phase of the project. But it is unclear what will happen.

Our year-round pools have become increasingly crowded over the five years I've been swimming laps. The water aerobics classes are bursting at the seams. The Clippers have over 100 kids on their waiting list. On Thursday night, Oct. 24, the CA Board will vote on the 2015-6 budget. I urge anyone who cares about this to come to the CA Board meeting and make your voice heard.

Roslyn Zinner


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