CA board chair offers thanks after 'transformative year' [Letter]

I want to express my gratitude to the members of the CA Board of Directors, to CA President Phil Nelson, and to all of the CA team members who have worked so hard this year on behalf of our community. It has been an eventful and transformative year, and it has truly been an honor to serve the Kings Contrivance community and Columbia residents for the past four years, this year as chair of the CA Board of Directors.

At a personal level, I am so grateful for the many messages of support and concern I received from community members following surgery for a fractured elbow and other injuries sustained while traveling recently with Del. Liz Bobo in India. Columbia has evolved from an initial concept and an innovative experiment, to a remarkably successful multi-cultural community of over 90,000, but we still retain the core values of friendship, fellowship and outreach during difficult and challenging times.

I look forward to returning to the KC Village Board, and I welcome Brian Dunn, who represents the next dynamic cohort of young Columbia families, as CA Representative for Kings Contrivance.

Shari Zaret


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