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Candidate McCready is 'passionate' about Oakland Mills Village and Columbia [Letter]

Julia McCready is a candidate for the CA Board of Directors representing Oakland Mills.

What I really like about Julia is that she understands that for Columbia to remain vibrant it must be dynamic and continue to progress. She believes that this doesn't have to be a scary process; progress can be achieved incrementally, a project at a time, in an open, thoughtful, and civilized manner.

Columbia should not be a static memorial to its founding father. I want leaders who won't let that happen. I served with Julia McCready for several years on the Oakland Mills Village Board and know her to be a dedicated volunteer who is passionate about Oakland Mills Village and Columbia.

Julia is the candidate to best represent Oakland Mills because, unlike her opponent, she is open and direct and will perform her duties in a completely transparent manner. She will not dismiss progress but will carefully help guide our village and town in the direction of vibrancy.

I fully support Julia McCready for the CA Board of Directors representing Oakland Mills.

Marcia White


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