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Howard is failing to address needs of active, healthy seniors [Letter]

The current Howard senior center programs rated on a scale of inactive, moderately active and healthy/active seniors appear to be geared toward inactive/moderately active female (no men in any photos shown) seniors. I question if the facilities are utilized effectively when wheelchair activities are conducted on wooden dance floors while dances are held on poorly prepared hard tile dance floors. Are we in Howard offering the best programs that seniors want/need since the centers are sparsely populated?

I often carpool past our Howard senior centers to Towson to the BYKOTA senior center. This senior center is what a senior center should be when it grows up. This center is teeming with seniors. Every room is fully used continuously with activities such as basketball, gym, arts/crafts, dance, etc. The programs serve all levels of senior activity, programs are very efficiently/effectively organized and programs engage both sexes.

Howard's senior centers have friendly staffing but institutionally need to improve. When input is sought, it appears ideas that are not consistent with current programming carry little weight. Until I see more activities for active/healthy seniors I will continue carpooling to the Towson BYKOTA senior center.

Rod Summerford


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