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Bridge Columbia will help 'expand charm' of where we live [Letter]

The excitement of the new Bridge Columbia is in its multiple functions and destinations on foot, bikes and sitting on the bus. It will also enable people with disabilities to join with others in the come and go between Town Center, Wilde Lake and places such as Howard Community College and Howard County Hospital on one side of Route 29; and destinations in Oakland Mills including its village center and as far as Blandair Park on the other side.

Helen Weems (Letter, Oct. 3) says it's limited to a bridge for buses in her response to the article "Group continues push for new bridge above Route 29" on Sept. 26. Not true, nor wanted, nor will anyone else endorse a bridge mainly for buses either.

Winter, spring, summer and fall will all have choices. Days of the week for shopping, seeing friends, exercise, hospital visits, commuting to college and fun can be selected, too. That's what the function of Bridge Columbia is about. It will help expand the charm of Columbia where we all live. Would you like all these choices planned for getting to and from?

Lee Richardson


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