Here's the way CA ought to be run [Letter]

The Columbia Association overcharges for all of its services. It does not serve the needs of the seniors in Columbia. The tax is way too much for the level of service anybody in Columbia gets.

It is a crime for the CA to give tax money to charity. That money should be given back to the people of Columbia by reducing the CA tax by 50 percent. Yes, cut it in half!

Also, the CA should only hire American citizens. The management should not be allowed to travel overseas to hire anyone. That is a waste of money! There are millions of Americans out of work. Americans should be given all of the jobs.

The CEO pay should be cut by 50 percent. That money should be put back into the company and all minimum wage employees be given a 50 percent pay raise.

The management pay should be cut by 40 percent and that money should be put back in the company. The management should not be able to give themselves any pay raises. Period.

Also, the cost of all services should be lowered so all Columbia residents can afford to use the services. Any Columbia resident paying the CA tax should get full access to the indoor pool and exercise facility for no extra cost.

Art Previll


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